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Dr Anita Avramides

Dr Anita Avramides is Reader in Philosophy of Mind, University of Oxford Southover Manor Trust Fellow in Philosophy, St. Hilda’s College. Her latest work has concentrated on the question of our knowledge of other minds. She is looking to see if this is a well formed question. She hopes to tie this work in with issues concerned with knowledge of one’s own mind (again the question of whether it is correct to speak of knowledge here is relevant to her work). Her work on other minds has led her to look at the history of this issue. She also continues to maintain an interest in issues connected with Grice’s account of meaning. She is the author of the books Meaning and Mind: An Examination of a Gricean Account of Language, MIT Bradford Books; Other Minds , Routledge, Problems of Philosophy Series; Women of Ideas ( ed.), Duckworth. Dr Anita Avramides

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Where are the Boundaries of Self and Other?
Saturday 14 May 2016

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