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Sarah Benamer

Prior to training as a psychotherapist Sarah Benamer was a community worker, employed primarily as an independent advocate. She has worked extensively with those in crisis within the NHS psychiatric system, and with individuals in chronic pain, with long-term illness and severe physical disabilities. In addition to her therapeutic training she has an MA in Applied Anthropology and a professional Diploma in Youth and Community work.

She trained as a psychotherapist at The Bowlby Centre, where she is a member of The Clinical Training Committee, an approved supervisor and training therapist. She is registered with the UKCP and BACP as an Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. She is also a member of The Relational School and is currently undertaking additional College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) psychosexual and relationship training.

Her experience as a mental health professional has helped her to become aware of how often issues relating to our bodies emerge in therapeutic work in both overt and subtle ways. The story of our bodies are the stories of us; of our history and experiences, of how we encounter others and go out into the world, and yet traditional psychotherapy often fails to look at the functional and biological issues that can leave us feeling isolated and bewildered. Sex and sexuality, disability, aging, ideas about attractiveness and so on are important aspects of being human and are often sources of shame that inhibit our capacity to feel comfortable in ourselves and with others.

She established The Intimacy Clinic as a way of bringing together ideas about early attachment, our relationship with our bodies and our sense of self, and how we relate bodily and emotionally to others. In her work she draws upon attachment and relational theory, psychoanalytic understanding, and integrated approaches to psychosexual and couples therapy to support clients to understand and work through the things that they would like to change.

Her articles include:

Killing Me Softly' A Relational Understanding of Attachment to Pain (ATTACHMENT, 2008)
Attachment and Trauma Edited with Kate White (Karnac, 2008)
Telling Stories Attachment Based Approaches to the Treatment of Psychosis (Karnac, 2010)
Engendered and Embodied Intimacies (In Press)

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