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Professor Brett Kahr Academic Consultant to Confer

Professor Brett Kahr has worked in the mental health field for over thirty-five years. He is Senior Fellow at Tavistock Relationships at the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology in London, and Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health. He also holds a Consultant post at The Bowlby Centre and he is also Consultant Psychotherapist at The Balint Consultancy. He is the author or editor of nine books, including the best-selling Sex and the Psyche and Tea with Winnicott, chosen as one of the "Books of the Year" in The Guardian newspaper for 2016. His forthcoming books, currently in press, include Coffee with Freud and Winnicott's Anni Horribiles: The Creation of 'Hate in the Counter-Transference'. He is Series Editor of the "Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph Series" and Series Co-Editor of the "History of Psychoanalysis Series" for Karnac Books, and in these capacities he has served as series editor of over forty-five additional titles. A Trustee of the Freud Museum London and of Freud Museum Publications, he maintains a practice with individuals and couples in Hampstead, North London. Professor Brett Kahr

Past and present Confer events
The Nature of Trauma and Dissociation
Online module

Forensic Psychotherapy: Pathologies and Treatment Strategies
Online module

Psychotherapy is a Cultural Issue
Saturday 22 April 2017

Interpretation or Intersubjective Communication?
Saturday 19 March 2016

Why are we Murderous?
The Psychodynamic Treatment of the Forensic Patient

Saturday 17 October 2015

Working Psychotherapeutically with Sadism
Friday 10 October 2014

Psychotherapeutic Skills Summer School - Working with 'Borderline patients'
Tuesday 28 June to Saturday 2 July 2011

Facing Sexuality
Saturday 1 October 2011
Cultural Narratives and Psychological Therapies
Friday 4 & Saturday 5 April 2008
The Big Idea
Friday 5 (evening) and Saturday 6 March 2010

Book of the Month
Brett Kahr's Top Ten Psychotherapy Books - 2017
Professor Brett Kahr certainly knows something about the art of authoring books. Over the years he has written or edited ten volumes, and has served as series editor of some fifty further titles. Earlier this year, he published Coffee with Freud (Karnac Books, 2017) and, more recently, New Horizons in Forensic Psychotherapy... More >>
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The Latest Neuroimaging Findings in Borderline Personality Disorder

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