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Paul Newham

Paul Newham began his career as a performing artist, which led him to develop Guided Meditation techniques that enhanced creative expression for singers and actors, during the mid-1980s. He has since worked as a coach with singers at the Royal Opera, actors at the Royal Shakespeare Company, contemporary stage performers, recording artists, and movie actors. His innovative approaches to Guided Meditation and his work to enhance creative expression by facilitating Wakeful Lucid Dreaming, continues to support many professionals who rely upon maintaining enhanced confidence and concentration in highly pressurized circumstances.

Paul Newham is an enigma: therapist, teacher, shaman, and intellectual. His work seems to get to the heart of the most difficult and fundamental human struggles, instating hope for those whom he touches. Anne Kilcoyne. Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.

Past and present Confer events
The Power of Non-verbal Communication in the Talking Cure
Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May 2013

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