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Dr Johannes Roessler

Dr Johannes Roessler teaches at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick on issues in the philosophy of mind and action and epistemology. His two main interests are the role of perceptual experience in providing for perceptual knowledge, and the nature of self-knowledge. In both areas he is particularly interested in how we should think about the relation and interaction between the various ‘disciplines’ that have a stake in them: the philosophy of mind and epistemology; philosophy and psychology; common sense epistemology and philosophical epistemology. Related areas of interest include: intentional action and its explanation; causal understanding; the development of a ‘theory of mind’; knowledge of other minds; skepticism and transcendental arguments; understanding delusions; Kant.

He came to Warwick as a research fellow in the AHRC interdisciplinary project on Consciousness and Self-consciousness. He was co-director of the interdisciplinary project on Causal Understanding, and served as a member of the committee of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology. He is an associated partner of NormCon (Understanding the Normative Dimensions of Human Conduct: Conceptual and Developmental Issues), a member of Second Person project at Warwick, and he is co-directing (with Glenda Satne) a project on 'Joint Practical Knowledge: Shared Agency and Knowledge of Other Minds'.

He is an Associate Editor of Philosophical Explorations.

Past and present Confer events
Where are the Boundaries of Self and Other?
Saturday 14 May 2016

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