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When Words Are Not Enough

Dance, drama and music therapy in the treatment and transformation of trauma

Saturday 8 October 2016

The treatment and transformation of trauma can be formidably complex in both the interpersonal intricacies of the trauma itself and its manifestation in the therapeutic relationship. In trauma work the therapy itself will almost inevitably become the theatre for past ruptures to be revisited and expressed. In this process the therapist may be strongly aware of splits between the client’s verbal accounts and their embodied self, and we need skills in bringing these aspects together into a more associated, integrated state. We will explore how working directly with embodied memory of trauma through expressive forms of movement and music can allow this process to flow.

So how can the therapist-client pair explore body and mind as an integrated whole? When words are not enough, a self-expressive, creative and embodied approach may be required to create a non-verbal pathway for communication and expression. In this one-day conference we will explore how a mind-body unity, facilitated by the experiential immediacy and bodily self-expression of dance, movement, psychodrama psychotherapy and music, can help to soften body armour, release embodied memories of the trauma and enable split-off elements of the body memory to be integrated. An unusual opportunity to observe these three different but related disciplines being applied to the same clinical issue.


Anna Chesner
Anna Chesner is Co-Director of London Centre for Psychodrama Group and Individual Psychotherapy, which runs out of the Cawley Centre at Maudsley Hospital. She has developed a mentalisation based approach to psychodrama for clients suffering from the impact of trauma. She has written extensively about the use of creative action methods in both therapy and supervision. More >>

Dr Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele
Dr Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele, a Dance/Expressive Arts Therapist is a lecturer and researcher at the German Sports University Cologne, Institute of Clinical Movement Science and Health Promotion, Department of Neurology, Psychosomatics and Psychiatry. She is registered as a trainer and supervisor by the German National Association for Dance Therapy and holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. More >>

Dr Julie Sutton
Dr Julie Sutton works in a regional adult psychiatry NHS service for patients with severe, complex disturbance. She has presented, lectured and been a music therapy and PhD examiner nationally and internationally. Former Head of Training for Nordoff-Robbins London she also consulted for the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar. A Trustee of the British Association for Music Therapy and past Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Music Therapy and Vice President of the European Music Therapy Association... More >>


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