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Transpersonal Narratives in Eco-Psychology

With Sophy Banks, James Barrett, Caroline Brazier, Marion Green, Professor Jeremy Holmes, Dr Justine Huxley, Emma Palmer, Paul Maiteny, Rev Peter Owen-Jones, Mary-Jayne Rust, Toni Spencer and Nick Totton

Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2017 - Eden Project

This conference proposes that caring for the natural world of which we are an integral part is critical for our survival and our emotional well-being. Disrespecting that which nurtures us leads to deepening splits, tensions and conflicts within and beyond ourselves, which counter well-being and continue our dissociation from nurturing the planet, our home.

Simultaneously, embracing the realities of climate change and the interrelated crises we face - for example, the 6th extinction crisis and unprecedented ecosystemic degradation - confronts us collectively and individually with painful but potentially liberating psychological and transpersonal changes arising out of a sense of the impending and most likely irreversible changes for many species on earth. The programme thus rests on the premise that our psychological, social and spiritual health is being damaged alongside the biosphere but that we can still strengthen our capacity as practitioners and activists to counter this downward spiral.

In this context, we will be looking at spiritual traditions as well as psychological insights that support such capacity, and using insights from these traditions that support/deepen psychotherapy, in an attempt to find our own way through the conflicts posed by the interrelated emergencies. The conference will not offer answers so much as a sharing of the questions and a community of people with common concerns to ask how received, ancient wisdom can support contemporary eco-systemic and psychotherapeutic thinking to help us address and embrace these issues in an effective and empowered way.


Sophy Banks
Sophy Banks has worked as an engineer, computer systems analyst, psychotherapist, and family constellator, as well as playing a lot of politically radical football in East London. In 2005 she moved to Devon and soon found herself in a role she could not have dreamed - holding the inner dimension for a movement for positive change working at the community level of scale. More >>

James Barrett
James Barrett's path as a Jungian psychotherapist has taken him through energy psychology and shamanic practice to a fuller appreciation of the presence of all forms of life and matter including dreams, as intelligent and communicative - if we are able to listen and converse with them. For James, 'mind' is emergent from resonance between, and not just between the humans; a resonance in which we can be participants.More >>

Caroline Brazier
Caroline Brazier is course leader of the Tariki training programme in Other-Centred Approach. Author of six books on Buddhism and psychotherapy, she travels internationally teaching and leading training events. More >>

Marion Green
Marion's first profession was social work. She specialised in working in schools and with groups of adolescents including co-facilitating a greenhouse project for non- attenders; in child protection and in all aspects of adoption. .More >>

Professor Jeremy Holmes
Jeremy Holmes worked for 35 years as Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist in the NHS. He was Chair of the Psychotherapy Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 1998-2002. Now partially retired, he has a part-time private practice; set up and now teaches on the Masters/Doctoral psychoanalytic psychotherapy training and research programme at Exeter University, where he is visiting Professor; and lectures nationally and internationally. Read more...

Dr Justine Huxley
Justine is the Director of St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace where she has worked for over 10 years. St Ethelburga's work is about enabling people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate across differences to build a global culture of peace. More >>

Emma Palmer
Emma is a body psychotherapist and ecopsychologist. She has been a practising therapist since 2003 and is particularly interested in the interface between therapy and social, ecological, and climate justice. Previously a steering group member of Psychotherapist and Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and editor of its Transformations journal, Emma is also a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance. More >>

Paul Maiteny
Paul Maiteny is an integrative and transpersonal psychotherapist, anthropologist and ecologist with 25 years working in ecological education, originally as a ranger. Since 1996, he has taught and written courses for the MSc Education for Sustainability, London South Bank University. He has held research posts at Oxford University, the Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies, the Open University and the University College London... More >>

Rev Peter Owen-Jones
Peter Owen-Jones is an English Anglican priest, author and television presenter. In his late 20s and with a wife and two children, he gave up his commercial life to follow a calling to the Anglican ordained ministry by enrolling at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. In early 1996 he gained notoriety when he conducted a service for the Newbury bypass protestors. More >>

Mary-Jayne Rust
Mary-Jayne Rust is an art therapist and Jungian analyst. In the early 1990's two journeys to the traditional culture of Ladakh alerted her to the seriousness of the ecological crisis and its spiritual roots. Alongside her private practice she writes, lectures and facilitates workshops in the field of ecopsychology - an inquiry into the psychological and spiritual dimensions of our relationship with the earth... More >>

Toni Spencer
Toni is a teacher, mentor and artist interested in the rough and wild road to kinship as ecological, social and spiritual beings. She has taught at Schumacher College (Educational Practice, Ecological Facilitation as Leadership, Embodied Eco-literacy, Sacred Activism); Embercombe (re-wilding) and with the Transition movement (TWTR)... More >>

Nick Totton
Nick Totton is a therapist and trainer with nearly 35 years experience. Originally a Reichian body therapist, he has explored widely in a number of therapy modalities, and now practices and teaches Embodied- Relational Therapy and Wild Therapy. He has a grown up daughter. Nick has written several books, including Body Psychotherapy: An Introduction; Wild Therapy; Not A Tame Lion; Embodied Relating: The Ground of Psychotherapy; and Press When Illuminated: New and Selected Poems. He lives in Cornwall with his partner and grows vegetables. More >>


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Friday 24 November 2017
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Saturday 25 November 2017
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Sunday 26 November 2017
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