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Dissociative Identities
Are multiple selves the greatest therapeutic challenge?
With Remy Aquarone, Teresa Moorhead, Dr Valerie Sinason, Dr Adah Sachs

Saturday 9 December 2017 - Dublin

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Remy Aquarone

Assessment and Identification of a Dissociative Disorder
It is important to understand the history of dissociation. This is not a new concept. Freud recognised and fully accepted its fundamental importance in his early work with Breuer. The successful completion of the gold standard assessment for dissociative disorders (SCID D) is probably the single most important therapeutic intervention that has the possibility, if completed in a sensitive way, of starting someone on the therapeutic journey to a more meaningful and safe life. Not only will the right diagnosis lead to a successful treatment protocol for a significant number of patients with an unmet need but will generally lead to an effective cost reduction for mental health services.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Dr Valerie Sinason

Working with Unbearable Trauma: the international secret of DID
Ninety percent of people with DID report childhood abuse under the age of 5 by an attachment figure. They have also experienced a disorganised attachment in which the primary caretaker is experienced as frightened or frightening. This makes DID a forensic condition in which a crime has been committed against a child, whether deliberately or not, and the child and adult they become is evidence of the crime. This leads to attacks on the diagnosis and treatment by false memory societies and a consequent paucity of training. When working with these dynamics, the therapist enters a dangerous zone in which societal and professional pressure has to be processed as well as the painful narratives whilst the patient faces invalidation and further stigma.
13.00   Lunch (not Included)
14:15   Teresa Moorhead

"Out of my body": Working with bulimia nervosa as a dissociated part of the personality
Therapists and researchers alike are beginning to observe high levels of dissociation in clients presenting with Bulimia Nervosa. The relationship between abuse, dissociation and bulimia has been the subject of much debate and inquiry. Many research studies have shown a higher prevalence of eating related issues with persons that have suffered sexual abuse during childhood. Throughout this workshop we will think of the bulimia as a dissociated emotional part of the personality (EP). This EP gets triggered in the present to protect the individual from sometimes vague but overwhelming bodily feelings that were related to the original trauma. The bulimic part is seen as a protective part of the personality that has allowed the individual to manage their own internal world. Clinical examples of actual dialogue between the therapist and the bulimic part will be presented. We will also explore tools for therapists in working with the bulimic part in a compassionate and non- controlling manner.
15.30   Tea
15:45   Dr Adah Sachs

Dissociative Identities and the Real Person
How exactly is a Dissociative Identity Disorder formed? How real are the person's 'parts', and which of them is the real person? This presentation takes a fine-grain look at the structure of DID, the significance of different presentations of this disorders and its development. It will describe how specific elements of childhood abuse, disordered attachment and dissociation can form the seemingly unbreakable vicious cycle, which DID is. A close clinical examination of this vicious circle points to the direction that therapy needs to take in order to facilitate healing.
17.00   End

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