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The Landscapes of Grief

With speakers John Banville, Ann Chalmers, Dr Avril Maddrell, Adam Phillips, Julia Samuel, Laurie Slade

Saturday 15 July 2017 - London

08.30 - 09:45   Social Dreaming Matrix led by Laurie Slade

"An opportunity to share your dreams from the night before in a facilitated group setting."
09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Julia Samuel and Ann Chalmers

Understanding the risks and building resilience in therapy with grieving clients
This session will examine the key contemporary theories of loss - including Stroebe and Schut's Dual Process, Silverman's Continuing Bonds and Joseph's theories on post traumatic growth - and look at their application in practice through considering transcripts of client work. Given that 15% of all psychological disorders come from unresolved grief, the session will also look at potential risks and the capacity for resilience in clients. We will explore the development of strategies for building resilience and mitigating risk as an integral part of client work.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Dr Avril Maddrell

Mapping grief: a conceptual framework for understanding the spatial dimensions of bereavement, mourning and remembrance
This presentation will highlight the significance of the spatial dimensions of the universal human phenomena of bereavement. Grief, mourning and remembrance are experienced in and mapped upon physical spaces, the embodied-psychological spaces of the interdependent and co-producing body-mind and the virtual spaces of digital technology, religious-spiritual beliefs and non-place-based community. Culturally inflected, dynamic emotional-affective maps of grief can be identified, as a form of deep-mapping, which reflect the ways in which relationality to particular spaces and places is inflected by bereavement, mourning and remembrance. Individual's emotional-affective cartographies can intersect, overlap, or conflict with, others' maps, with social and political consequences. The conceptual framework outlined here will be illustrated by a schematic representation of grief maps, providing insight to relational spaces, emotional-affective geographies and therapeutic environments.
13.00   Lunch (Included)
14.00   Discussion of the morning's presentations

14.20   John Banville in conversation with Adam Phillips

Adam Phillips wrote in his review of The Sea by John Banville (the 2005 winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction) that “Banville has written an utterly absorbing novel about the strange workings of grief, and the gratuitous dramas of memory." In this conversation, they will talk consider these strange workings, the ubiquity of change, and the place of memory in relation to loss and mourning.

Participants are recommended to read two novels by John Banville: The Sea and Ancient Light
15.15   Tea
15.45   Julia Samuel and Ann Chalmers

Moving Barriers to the Processing of Grief
This session will be in two parts, both interactive and using delegates' own material from their work with clients. The first part will discuss and explore the differences between men and women in grief and the resultant potential for challenges in the couple relationship. The second part will consider common 'roadblocks' that clients encounter in processing grief, and explore creative ways of working to unlock these blocks. This may include reference to more complex types of death such as suicide.
17.00   End

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08:30 - 09:45 Social Dreaming Matrix
09.30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Start
11:15 Coffee
13:00 Lunch
15:15 Tea
17:00 End