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The Irreducible Otherness of the Therapist
A 2 day seminar led by Jay Greenberg
With discussant Professor Bob Hinshelwood

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 November 2015

In this 2-day seminar Dr Jay Greenberg will focus on some problems that are crucial to dynamic psychotherapy as it is practiced today. Because he is particularly interested in the ways in which the experiences of both patient and therapist shape the treatment process, he will address issues in which the attitudes and behaviours of both participants are central to the understanding of what is happening. The technical challenges that this presents will be examined.

Using clinical material, he will explore the difficulties of engaging our patients' actions, which are often unnoticed, non-verbal and may be disavowed. A central theme that runs through the lectures will be the irreducible "otherness" of the therapist, even when the engagement is collaborative and empathic. Jay will introduce ideas about how we can create a mutually engaging exploration of our patients' lives, even as we remain aware of the difficulties and potential dangers inherent in encounters with the mind of an "other".

This embraces some ideas about narcissism. For Freud, Jay argues, the clinical problem of narcissism focused on these patients' "insusceptibility to influence". Freud's response to this was to consider narcissistic patients "unanalysable." In stark contrast to this early idea, today we not only see such patients as amenable to treatment but also believe that there is a core of narcissistic pathology in every patient. Accordingly, the understanding of "insusceptibility to influence" is at the centre of our clinical interest. We will consider the problems involved when this leads to disruptions in the treatment as a result of the transference or countertransference configurations that develop. Our focus will be especially on the patient's struggle to bring the analyst within his or her omnipotent control.


Dr Jay Greenberg
Jay Greenberg is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the William Alanson White Institute in New York. The William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology has distinguished itself as one of the world's most prominent and respected psychoanalytic training and treatment centres for more than sixty-five years. Jay Greenberg's 1983 book, co-written with Stephen Mitchell, Object Relations in Psychoanalytic Theory, is considered to be the first major work of relational psychoanalysis. He is Editor of the Psychoanalytic Quarterly, former Editor for North America of the International Journal of Psycho-analysis; former Editor of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. He is also author of the book Oedipus and Beyond: A Clinical Theory and of more than 70 psychoanalytic articles addressing issues in psychoanalytic technique, comparative psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic theory.

Professor Robert Hinshelwood
Robert Hinshelwood is a psychoanalyst, and Professor of Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex. He has been a prolific writer for the last 35 years, whose wide-ranging work covers clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis as well as the application of psychoanalytic thinking to other fields, especially groups, organisations and social science. More >>


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