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Entangled in Cyberspace

Psychotherapeutic work with internet addictions and virtual attachments

With speakers John Beveridge, Linda Cundy, Catherine Knibbs and Andrea Marzi

Saturday 24 June 2017

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Andrea Marzi

New digital technologies and psychoanalysis: a new world or a dreadful voyage for identity?
A raging debate regarding online analysis has long started and it is still unresolved. These new methods of online communication require us to confront and give meaning to the evolving ways in which our minds can interact and our relationships take shape. But before taking on the subject of the trend of online analysis, and the possible relationship between psychoanalysis and the digital world, it is of seminal importance to try to shed light on our attitude toward symbolization and the construction of identity.
11.10   Coffee
11.30   Linda Cundy

Tales of Attachment, Separation and Loss in the Digital Age
Technology now mediates almost every aspect of our lives. What does this mean for the instinct to make attachments, to experience separation anxiety and grief? And what about identity, our sense of whom we are in this hyper-connected new world? These themes will be explored through material brought to therapy sessions, drawing on attachment and object relations theories.
12.45   Lunch (not included)
14.00   Catherine Knibbs

Mental Health and Digital Addiction
Are you reading this on a device? Are we and our clients addicted to our computers or devices or are we attached? What is the difference? How often do your clients discuss the digital world in therapy? Have they been cyber bullied/harassed/stalked or trolled and what is the difference? Can you keep the smartphone out of your practice? What about your website and social media profiles? These questions give rise to the many facets of the increasingly complex world of digital behaviour and impact on our clients. How can we help as therapists and what do we really need to know in order to help our clients?
15.15   Tea
15.30   John Beveridge

Porn on the Brain
Every day there are apparently 68 million search engine requests for porn. A pornographic sensibility has deeply permeated our culture, affecting how men and women relate to each other, and young people's perception of sex. With many pre-teen children regularly accessing sexual material on the internet, it has been said that there is a tidal wave of sexual addiction heading towards the therapeutic world. Repetitive sexual behaviour can, at first, be a creative response to stress and difficult attachment relationships, but its damaging effects become wrapped around the brain and nervous system. This talk will discuss ways that therapists can decode the painful, hidden stories of the lives behind repellent, compulsive internet behaviour.
16.30   Panel discussion
17.00   End

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